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Information (e.g., entry forms, results and photos) for running races (e.g., 5K, 10K, 10M, half marathon), both road races and multi-terrain, that are in Oxfordshire, Berks and Bucks, parts of Glos, Hants, Northants and Wilts, ...     Generated: Fri 01 Jan at 10:46:14 GMT

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Free photos of runners. This photo of the Kingham 10K Run is by Barry CorneliusRecently, I've taken photos at the Kingham 10K, the Tring Midsummer Fun Run, the Weedon 10K and the Ridgeway Relay. All the photos of these events have now been uploaded. Click on the Photos link in the above menu to see the photos that I took at these events and at lots of other local running events during 2014-17. The photos of some of these events are also on Facebook.

Latest postal/online entry forms for 2017. Trust10 - Avebury - JuneAlderton 5KRugby 10Autumn Equinox RunFrieth Hilly 10K and 5KSqueaky Bone Relay RaceHackpen Hill 10k Trail RunGreen Leek 10KAbbots Langley Tough TenRicky Road Run.

Latest postal/online entry forms for 2018. Warwick Half MarathonMK Half Marathon and Festival of RunningWiltshire 10Gayton RunGloucester MarathonGloucester Half Marathon.

Recent results. Kingham 10K Run, Cattle Creep 10K, Tring Midsummer Fun Run, Steeple Barton Chase 5K and 10K, Weedon 10K, Kings Langley Puffaten, Run Bedford, Brackley F1 Chicken Run, Ridgeway Relay, Cumnor Legion 5K, Run Jericho, Humph's Hilly Half, Original Gloucestershire 24K/17K/7K, Cheltenham Challenge, Hungerford Harey 8, Hampshire Hoppit Trail Marathon and Half, Lacock Abbey Half, 10K and 5K, Penn 7, Broad Town 5

Missing results. Please email me if you know where there's a web page giving the results for: Cotswold Way Relay, Super Hero Fun Run, Walk for a Cause Pitsford 10K, Walk for a Cause Pitsford Half Marathon.

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Other regional lists. For races near North East England, visit www.northeastraces.com. For Sussex, visit www.sussexraces.co.uk.

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